Animal Surgery

South Hall Veterinary Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital welcoming routine surgical, medical, and dental care. Our veterinarian has years of experience performing a wide range of surgical procedures for animals in Oakwood, GA, and the surrounding areas. When leaving your pet in our hands, you can be assured that they are being treated by capable veterinary professionals. After assessing your pet’s condition, we will recommend the most effective surgical procedure to ease your pet’s pain and bring them back to good health. Here is a general overview of the procedures performed by our veterinarian.


Expert Surgical Care

At South Hall Veterinary Hospital, our fully-equipped pet surgery department that can be described as nothing less than comprehensive. Featuring state of the art surgical, anesthetic, and monitoring capabilities, we guarantee that your pet will receive outstanding surgical care from start to finish. Our team of technicians will closely monitor your pet and are equipped to address any complications that might arise. Through imaging technology, we can visualize the inner condition of your pet to inform our surgical care.

Every patient is incredibly important to us, so we want you to feel comfortable regarding every aspect of your pet’s surgical procedure. Following surgery, our veterinarian will instruct you on how to ensure your pet’s recovery is as fast and as safe as possible.

Our Veterinarian Cares for Your Pet

When bringing your pet to South Hall Veterinary Hospital for surgery care, you should know that we bring a wealth of experience and compassion to our job. Offering a wide range of surgical procedures, including procedures to address orthopedic and soft tissue conditions, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your pet is receiving the best surgical care available.

There is no denying that surgery can be stressful, but nothing around it should be. Our calming atmosphere reflects this belief. While surgery is being performed, we will keep your pet safe, warm, and comfortable. If your pet needs surgical care from an expert veterinarian in Oakwood, GA, or the surrounding areas, contact South Hall Veterinary Hospital. To schedule an appointment, call us at (770) 532-4449 or request an appointment online.

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