Microchipping is a procedure that is available for either dogs or cats. It is a permanent identification device for your pet placed under the pet's skin. The process is relatively simple and hurts only as much as a standard vaccination shot. You can be confident that your dog or cat will be returned safely if he or she gets out of your yard. Our team at South Hall Veterinary Hospital in Oakwood has gathered some information about the procedure and the benefits that come with pet microchipping.


What Is Microchipping?

Microchipping is a procedure that involves implanting a small device about the size of a grain of rice under the pet’s skin. The microchip uses radio waves to transmit a signal. A veterinary clinic or animal shelter will have a microchip scanner that can pick up on those radio waves. The microchip has an identification number that is unique to your pet.

Once you go home after your pet has the procedure, you will fill out the information about your pet that matches the identification number, such as your name, address, medical information concerning the pet, and your phone number. Someone can then contact you in the event they find your pet.

The Procedure

As previously mentioned, this procedure can be performed safely on both cats and dogs. If your pet is relatively calm, it can be done without the use of an anesthetic because it is non-surgical. Instead, one of our veterinarians uses a device that looks like a syringe and needle for vaccination. However, the needle is a bit larger. The vet directs the needle between your pet's shoulder blades and will insert the needle and place the microchip. It then remains under your pet's skin. You won't even notice it is there and neither will your pet.

The injection causes little to no pain. It is equivalent to your pet getting a vaccination. If you are worried about your pet remaining calm, you can opt to have the procedure done when he or she is under anesthesia for a spay or neuter procedure.

The Benefits

Unlike a standard ID tag, this one cannot wear out or fall off. It is the ID that shelters look for first nowadays because of its growing popularity. Ultimately, this means your pet is more likely to be returned to you safe and sound. You will not have to replace this ID. It is meant to last throughout your pet's lifetime. If you move or change your phone number, the information can be easily updated in the database for free.

Pet Microchipping in Oakwood, GA

Microchipping is a safe procedure that can greatly benefit you and your pet. Our veterinarians have performed the procedure countless times and we take every step necessary to make sure your pet is comfortable before and after it is completed. Call South Hall Veterinary Hospital today at (770) 532-4449 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians for our microchipping service.

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