Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations and Parasite Prevention

Pet vaccinations and parasite prevention are very important for keeping your pet healthy. Just as in humans, vaccines can help protect your pet from common diseases. There are core vaccines that are available at our animal clinic, which are recommended for most pets, as well as non-core vaccines that are recommended based on your pet's lifestyle and other factors. Some vaccines require booster shots and some do not. Vaccines usually start around six weeks of age. Call South Hall Veterinary Hospital in Oakwood, GA, if you have a new puppy or kitten. We will discuss creating a vaccination schedule for young pets or help ensure that your older pet remains happy and healthy.


Dog Vaccinations

Core Vaccines

  • Rabies 1-year can be given as early as three months as a single dose, annual boosters are required.
  • Rabies 3-year can be given as early as three months as a single dose then boosters are needed every three years.
  • Distemper needs two to four doses given between the ages of six and 15 weeks of age. A booster is needed one year after the initial series and then about every one to three years after that depending on the type of vaccine given.
  • Parvovirus has the same vaccination schedule as distemper and Adenovirus, type 2.
  • Adenovirus, (Hepatitis) type 1 has the same vaccination schedules as distemper and parvo.
  • Adenovirus, (Hepatitis) type 2 has the same vaccination schedule as distemper and parvovirus.
  • Leptospirosis-yearly in eligible breeds and risk areas.
  • Bordetella/Parainfluenza-yearly.

Non-Core vaccines protect against:

  • Lyme disease
  • Canine influenza

Cat Vaccinations

Core Vaccines

  • Rabies is a single dose as early as twelve weeks of age, with a booster one year later. Boosters are required every year or every three years, depending on state regulations.
  • Feline distemper is given as early as six weeks of age in two doses, three to four weeks apart. One dose is needed one year after the last initial dose and then every one to three years after that.
  • Feline Herpesvirus has the same schedule as feline distemper.
  • Calicivirus has the same schedule as feline distemper and feline herpesvirus
  • Leukemia-Core Vaccine for any cat outdoors-or any cat in the household goes outdoors.

ln addition to vaccinations at our animal clinic parasite prevention and deworming are also very important. Be sure to talk to us about preventative medication for fleas and heartworms, as well as tick prevention. Protecting your pet from these parasites is essential for maintaining good health and keeping your pet comfortable for years to come.

Pet Vaccinations in Oakwood, GA

Call our veterinarians at South Hall Veterinary Hospital today at (770) 532-4449 if you have a new puppy or kitten or if you need to get an older pet back on track with vaccinations. Annual wellness exams are usually when vaccinations are given, so be sure your pet sees us every year.

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