Cats and dogs can suffer from dermatology issues just as people do. If your pet is dealing with a skin issue, contact South Hall Veterinary Hospital in Oakwood, GA, to make an appointment for an evaluation by one of our veterinarians. We’ve gathered some information about different skin problems that tend to affect pets, how to protect your pet from such skin issues, and what our animal clinic can do to help.


Pets with Skin Problems

A pet's skin is vulnerable even though it is covered with fur. If a pet comes into contact with a chemical agent or environmental irritant, it could suffer from a skin rash or itchy skin. If your pet has dry skin, pieces may flake off when you comb or brush the coat. A pet with a flea problem will tend to have small, raised bumps along the skin where parasites have bitten the animal. Allergies may cause a pet to have a rash or itchiness and may also lead to the pet biting or scratching at the skin in an attempt to stop the discomfort. Cuts and scratches in the skin can easily lead to an infection.

Preventing Skin Irritation for Pets

There are a few steps you can take to help protect your pet's skin from irritation. If you know your pet has an allergy, do your best to keep any triggers away from your pet so it does not suffer from a reaction. It is important to get allergy medication for any reoccurring issues that affect your pet. If your pet has dry skin, do not bathe the animal too frequently. Over-bathing a pet with dry skin will lead to the depletion of necessary oils in the skin and will cause the skin problem to become worse. Make sure to provide your pet with a flea prevention medication to keep parasites at bay.

Visit Our Animal Hospital for Skin Problems

If your pet has a skin issue and you bring it to our animal hospital, one of our veterinarians will perform a complete evaluation of your pet’s medical condition to help find the source of the skin issue. In many cases, pets with skin problems will fare well with medication as treatment. If another health issue is discovered, we may have to address it before focusing on the skin problem. Our veterinarian will provide you with tips for caring for your pet's skin between visits to our animal hospital.

Pet Dermatology in Oakwood, GA

If your pet is suffering from a skin issue and you live in or around Oakwood, GA, call South Hall Veterinary Hospital today at (770) 532-4449 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians. We can help with itchy skin, rashes, and other skin issues that can irritate your furry friend.

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