Understanding and Treating Pet Allergies

Most people think that disease and serious illnesses do not affect their pets until they become seniors. However, cats and dogs are at just as much risk of suffering from allergies as we are. Understanding the risks to your pet's health allows you to provide him or her with the quality health care they deserve. Here at South Hall Veterinary Hospital in Oakwood, our team can diagnose your pet's allergies and treat the conditions accordingly.


What Causes Pet Allergies?

Pet allergies can come from many sources, which can make them challenging to diagnose. Sometimes, pets are allergic to environmental factors within your house. A pet may be allergic to the soap used to launder his bed, the dust in your home, or possible smoke or perfume circulating through your house. Pet allergies might also come from the changing seasons and be related to the outdoor environment like pollen, mold, and plants. Pets can also have severe food allergies.

What Are Allergy Symptoms?

Allergy symptoms can present themselves in various ways. Sometimes, your pet may appear congested with watering eyes and a running nose. Your pet may cough or wheeze. Other allergies will impact the skin, causing it to become irritated. Usually, you will notice your pet repeatedly scratching or biting at an area. You may also see fur missing from part of the body or red and irritated skin. With food allergies, your pet most commonly will exhibit some digestive distress. Your pet may vomit or have diarrhea associated with a food allergy.  

How Can a Veterinarian Help?

Diagnosing allergies in pets can be difficult, but our animal hospital can help. Our veterinarians will work to narrow down possible allergens your pet is suffering from. Luckily, our allergy treatment for pets is readily available. We provide various prescription medications that can help treat pet allergies. Some pets may only require prescription medicines as the seasons change. We can help find the solution to managing your pet's allergies.  

Contact Our Animal Hospital for Pet Allergy Treatment from Our Veterinarians in Oakwood, GA

At South Hall Veterinary Hospital in Oakwood, we care about your pet's health and are committed to providing the care they need. We are happy to offer safe solutions to help give your pet find relief from their allergies. To learn more about how we can help you and your animal, call us today at (770) 532-4449.

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